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 By: Justine Barnes

Images: Peter Jensen

Despite the rain, the crowd seemed to be in good spirits, much thanks to the MC for the evening, Symone Says.  She is known around Vancouver for being one of the best performing drag queens with infectious whit and charm.

Here are the collections that stood out for us on Day 3 of Vancouver Fashion Week.

Pouneh Askarian

Pouneh Askarian’s creations this season were stunning! The models looked elegant while walking the runway in the  collection that consisted mostly of black, grey, cream and white. A pleasing variety of fabric manipulation added to the depth of this line.

Pouneh Askarian Vancouver Fashion Week

Pouneh Askarian Vancouver Fashion Week

Nadia + Zehra

The London based, twin sister fashion designers energized us with their loud and in-your-face collection. Staying true to form, they produced looks full of mixed and matched prints, metallics, faux fur and colours.  Nadia + Zehra were a huge hit this season, just as they were two seasons season ago and we are looking forward to seeing what they do next! Nadia & Zehra

Nadia + Zehra Vancouver Fashion Week

Atsushi Nakashima

We love everything about this designer and his clothing.  Atsushi Nakashima’s collection consisted of futuristic sporty pieces prominently in a neutral palette with some serious pops of neon yellow and green.  Most items were made with trending neoprene, enabling the designer to take advantage by incorporating some beautiful folds and structure to the line.

Atsushi Nakashima Vancouver Fashion Week Atsushi Nakashima

Atsushi Nakashima Vancouver Fashion Week



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UWI Twins Fashion Label launch At Alfie Italia

By: Rachelle Lupton


The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.


A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.

 Reuben and Levi Uwi were born in Rwanda in 1987 and after surviving the 1994 Rwanda Genocide they came to Vancouver to create a new home and a new life.  The twins spent years overcoming their defeat and pursuing an inner desire to move forward.  This October (on their birthday), they were able to see one of their many dreams come true by launching their U.T.F.L collection of well designed jackets, dresses and unisex tops at local Gastown boutique Alfie Italia.  The twins have overcome so much in their lives and have been seen as the underdog, but with their charismatic personalities, humble approach to life and creative minds, the pair is sure to prove any skeptic wrong.  We had a chance to meet the twins and talk to them about life, their label and what we can expect from them next.

 Being twin brothers how do you find working together?

 L: Being twins and business partners there is that personal line that you are treading.  But it works for us because we trust each other.  At the same time we might disagree on certain points, but if he is very passionate about what he is defending, then I’ll say let’s do it.

 What do you admire about each other?

L: He is very good at not hesitating in decision making.

R: His intuition.

 What or who is the biggest influence in your life?

L & R: Our mom!

R: She has always been an inspiration to me.  I see her working so hard and I think, “Hey, if she is working that hard then we should work that hard too”.

L: She is the example to us that pushes us.

 What would you say has been your greatest achievement?

L & R: Getting this brand up and running. But we also started a brand after high school, and getting into business right after that was challenging.  We were able to get our name out there and get our collection into Hudson’s Bay so that was a great point.  It was received so well and just because of that we have been able to get so much more attention and get ourselves featured in the Huffington Post.

Do you have any plans for the future?

L: Right now we are designing our next collection.  We want to get into other product lines like bags and shoes.

 What has been your favourite aspect about designing so far?

L: I guess just expressing ourselves and being able to tell our story through our label.  With our brand we have been able to share our story.

R: Also helping make people feel good.  We want people to feel good, it brings happiness to us when we see someone wearing one of our pieces happy.  We definitely want to empower people and give them confidence and inspire them with our clothing.

L: That’s what our brand is all about, we want to inspire the underdogs and let them know you can persevere.  Just like me and my brother.  We have gone through hardships and put them in the past.  We put our head downs and we powered through.  

 Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

R: You’ve got to find your voice, and you’ve got to find yourself and tell your story from wherever you are.  If you know your vision and you know where you want to go, then you will find whatever means necessary to get to your goal.

L: Be true to yourself and don’t follow trends. Don’t give up if someone says no to you.  






Event Images – Photo credit: Louise Uwacu







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style Diary – Vancouver Fashion Week – Day 1

 Finally, a few moments of downtown to catch up on Style Diary posts, runway reviews, interviews, etc.

Vancouver Fashion Week kicked of its s/s 14 shows with an opening gala showcasing a design from each of the designers for the upcoming week.  A fancy affair in a beautiful set up that required a little more fall glam for this baby mama ;p

Outfit:  Skirt & dress – H&M / necklace – Topshop / Bag – Winners / Heels – Sam Edleman / Nails – Revlon

Baby bump: 24 weeks ;p

Pics by Clear Zhong

Vancouver Style Blogger

Vancouver Fashion Stylist

Vancouver Personal Stylist


Vancouver Personal Stylist Nicolette Lang-Andersen


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By: Nicolette & Rachelle Lupton

Each day the designers of Vancouver Fashion Week are running around like mad getting ready for the moment they have been waiting months for.  Day three showcased dreams coming to life and designers seeing their hard work pay off.  A night not to be missed with an array of fun, flirty, feminine pieces – perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Our first coveted designer of the evening hands-down goes to Marita.  Cool hues of blue, mauve’s and taupes gave complemented to soothing structures of the other-worldly garments.  Marita, a Tbilisi, Georgia, designer, aptly named her collection “Cryptogram”.



Images: Peter Jensen

Our second coveted designer for the evening, goes to Lozena.  Not only is her collection super cute, chic and sophisticated – so is the charming little lady behind the brand – Viktoria Nasteva.  We know, because we got chatty with her briefly before her show!  Through a collection of luxe fabrics and feminine tailored silhouettes, Viktoria used her Bulgarian heritage as inspiration and she strives to make sustainable fashion synonymous with high-end fashion.


Images: Peter Jensen

And lastly, finishing the night with an extravagant flair was designer to watch Shravan Kumar, displaying his first line full of beautiful ready to wear articles perfect for the western culture but with a theme true to his heritage and culture, India.  We were lucky enough to pull him aside for a quick interview.

Shravan Kumar

Images:  Peter Jensen

When did you know that you wanted to become a designer?

I received medical training in India, but I was always more interested in the design sciences than the medical sciences. I think it has always been in my blood.  I saw my mom wearing the most beautiful Saris in India and I think that’s where it started.  My mom is my idol, I look up to her to be everything I am today.

 Other than your mother, do you have any other influences?

I am a learner, I love learning and I learn new things everyday.  When I stop learning, that’s the day I am dead.  I don’t believe in being number one, number two or number three.  I am in a different league because I know what I want and don’t want.

Do you have any inspirational words for aspiring designers?

Do not believe in anybody, believe in yourself.  Don’t let anyone deprive your temperament, character or confidence. People who are trying to take your confidence are not your friends. And work hard, but party harder.  That’s fashion.

  Shravan Kumar1

Images: Peter Jensen



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