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By: Evelyn Chen


Images: Kuna Lu Photography

NIGHT X DAY presented an element of sophisticated luxury featuring simple pieces perfect for everyday wear. The collection consisted of well-tailored suits made modern with large fanned out scarves and Mountie hats, along with oversized shirts paired with leather jackets. The style was kept clean, paired with loafers, with calf high socks for all to see. A little haughty, elements of cheekiness was thrown in as models walked down the runway with different shoes on each foot. A subtly playful move. Night x Day Vancouver Fashion Week

Night x Day Vancouver Fashion Week VFW FW2015 - Night x Day


Images:  Peter Jensen

The long anticipated wait for For Day 5 at Vancouver Fashion Week was instantly forgotten while guests rested their eyes on the extravagantly crafted pieces by Noe Bernacelli. The runway was lit with precious stones, delicate fabrics, and wispy feathers that transformed the energy of the crowd to one of dreamy elegance. From ready-to-wear day pieces to evening wear and flowing gowns, there was an item for every occasion that every woman cannot deny finding a use for.

  From delicate lace to silks the show was complete luxury. The designer’s skills balanced with his designs that molded to the model’s bodies transported viewers from rainy Vancouver to the runways of Paris.

Many details could be spotted, including flowers made of feathers and stone jewels, as well as other surprises such as hidden pockets in the seams of his gowns. While capes were whispered to be making a comeback for fall, Noe Bernacelli incorporated this trend into his coats and dresses, inspiring viewers to revisit this trend.

Noe Bernacelli’s display of garments showcased the designer’s understanding of women’s bodies. His craft was reminiscent of Valentino in the way his pieces allowed women to feel and walk with added elegance.

Noe Bernacelli Vancouver Fashion Week

Noe Bernacelli Vancouver Fashion Week




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Alex S Yu Vancouver Designer

Alex S. Yu is pleased to announce that he will be showing his fall/winter 2015 collection titled : The Sweet Sixteen at Vancouver Fashion Week at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza on 17th, March 2015.

Get your VFW tickets HERE.

The fall/winter 2015 collection entitled ‘The Sweet Sixteen’ finds inspiration in the often capricious teenage angst and the cult movie ‘mean girls.’  The overly mature and sexy appeal of pop culture and its pin-ups and media darlings intrigued and inspired Alex to design in a reverse way. This season he designed for a woman who is longing to be young again, to live naively, freely and worry-free and to remember that it’s okay to break some rules, have some fun and eat that extra scoop of double chocolate ice cream!

Alex launched his debut collection at Vancouver fashion week spring summer 2015 as the winner of niche magazine’s emerging designer sponsorship competition. For my interview with him click HERE

Alex S Yu Vancouver Designer Vancouver Fashion Week

The Alex S. Yu fw2015 pop up shop/showroom will be held at @thisopenspace at 434 Columbia street, Chinatown from the 20th to 22nd March between12:00 – 19:00 every day.  A selected series of limited edition products will be available for purchase and pieces from the fw2015 collection will be available for pre-order directly from the designer.  Everyone, wholesale and buyers are all welcome.  Come and chat, have some fun, take a selfie, and eat a cookie!


Vancouver Fashion Blogger


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By: Nicolette

The final day of VFW crept around far too quick for our liking!  After a week long of ‘frowing’ (one who frequents the front row), the final group of designers was the perfect way to end it all on a high note.  From around the globe, they brought strong collections in a great smorgasbord of quirky, funky, dark and edgy.

Our faves for the night were:

Londoner, Connally McDougall brightened up the room with her neutral and warm yellow ready-to-wear and couture collection.  Made by hand and a lot of love, she uses sustainable fabrics that are rich and diverse in texture.

Connally Mcdougal

Connally McDougall

Images: Peter Jensen

Tribal funk was woven through every fibre of this exciting collection.  The hair, make-up and accessories were so creative and fun.  Designer, George Styler, who studied fashion in Belgrade, produced an interesting knitwear collection and as in his past collections, portrayed an acceptance of individuality through the freedom of fashion.

George Styler

 Images: Peter Jensen

Karen Yang brought a fresh and fashion forward collection, with layers of pattern clashes that played off each other perfectly.  Using her cultural insights as inspiration for her quirky and playful designs, this line was certainly a breath of fresh air!

Karen Yang

Karen Yang

Images: Peter Jensen

Taking us to the dark side, Vlades’s attention to detail and form was pure magic.  We especially loved the common theme of the cross-over structured fabric panel hanging down in an asymmetric skirt form.  Small details with huge impact.



Images: Peter Jensen

And lastly, to finish off the night’s variety of different styles, Hong Kiyoung dropped some serious sporty street style with plenty of edge and attitute.  A cohesive androgynous collection that flowed seamlessly from one bold colour palette into the next.

Hang Kiyoung

Hong Kiyoung

image (223)

Images: Peter Jensen

We would like to thank all the staff and Jamal for looking after us all week and for putting on such a great event.  The venue, set up, staff were on on point!


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By: Nicolette & Rachelle Lupton

Each day the designers of Vancouver Fashion Week are running around like mad getting ready for the moment they have been waiting months for.  Day three showcased dreams coming to life and designers seeing their hard work pay off.  A night not to be missed with an array of fun, flirty, feminine pieces – perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 season.

Our first coveted designer of the evening hands-down goes to Marita.  Cool hues of blue, mauve’s and taupes gave complemented to soothing structures of the other-worldly garments.  Marita, a Tbilisi, Georgia, designer, aptly named her collection “Cryptogram”.



Images: Peter Jensen

Our second coveted designer for the evening, goes to Lozena.  Not only is her collection super cute, chic and sophisticated – so is the charming little lady behind the brand – Viktoria Nasteva.  We know, because we got chatty with her briefly before her show!  Through a collection of luxe fabrics and feminine tailored silhouettes, Viktoria used her Bulgarian heritage as inspiration and she strives to make sustainable fashion synonymous with high-end fashion.


Images: Peter Jensen

And lastly, finishing the night with an extravagant flair was designer to watch Shravan Kumar, displaying his first line full of beautiful ready to wear articles perfect for the western culture but with a theme true to his heritage and culture, India.  We were lucky enough to pull him aside for a quick interview.

Shravan Kumar

Images:  Peter Jensen

When did you know that you wanted to become a designer?

I received medical training in India, but I was always more interested in the design sciences than the medical sciences. I think it has always been in my blood.  I saw my mom wearing the most beautiful Saris in India and I think that’s where it started.  My mom is my idol, I look up to her to be everything I am today.

 Other than your mother, do you have any other influences?

I am a learner, I love learning and I learn new things everyday.  When I stop learning, that’s the day I am dead.  I don’t believe in being number one, number two or number three.  I am in a different league because I know what I want and don’t want.

Do you have any inspirational words for aspiring designers?

Do not believe in anybody, believe in yourself.  Don’t let anyone deprive your temperament, character or confidence. People who are trying to take your confidence are not your friends. And work hard, but party harder.  That’s fashion.

  Shravan Kumar1

Images: Peter Jensen



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Evan Ducharme – Iconoclast F/W 14

Do Charm Me

By: Rachelle Lupton

 What better way to turn 22 then to have your first very own runway show?  For Evan Ducharme, that was made possible August 22 2014 when he launched his Fall/Winter 2014 line “Iconoclast”. With an elegant and rebellious feel, the models each donned in a headscarf or black bobbed wig, strutted ten unisex and women’s looks down the runway.  After returning to the runway for one last time, the girls finished off by perching themselves on beautiful vintage furniture, just like a setting from the Victorian Era.  After the show was over, we got a chance to head backstage and talk one-on-one with the talented designer.

Evan Ducharme

Evan Ducharme

Images: Ken Cheng

 What was your inspiration behind this collection?

I’ve always been obsessed with the film sunset boulevard starring Gloria Swanson, an aging silent film star trying to break her way into talk films. She’s working against something she doesn’t really know about, so she just is trying to understand it.  At the same time I was watching Metropolis and they just sort of meshed.  It’s about Norma Desmond’s contemporaries and what they thought the future was going to be like.  Norma Desmond’s prime time was the 20s and 30s.  It’s classic couture silhouettes, updated with mesh, making it a little bit more industrial and modern.

Can you tell me a little bit more about “iconoclast”?

It means rebel, basically someone who doesn’t follow the norm.  Someone who doesn’t let society dictate the way they are going to live their life, they just do whatever way they want.

Do you have a favorite piece from this collection?

*long pause * That would be like picking your favorite child.  I sewed everything myself, I patterned everything myself, I cut everything myself.  I birthed this collection, I can’t just pick. They are all my favorite.

What advise do you have for aspiring designers?

You really have to take what you can out of fashion school. The industry is ever changing, it’s so different, your journey in this industry is going to be so different, so its really good to gain the core skills of being a designer, and then add those skills to your experience.  You really have to allow your teachers to criticize you; you have to learn early on that criticism teaches you the way the business is going to be.  Take everything you can and absorb it and apply it to your life, and take the things you don’t agree with and discard them.  Fashion is always about what you think and your point of view.  It’s all about who you want to be, creating your own brand, creating a following of what you’ve done.  Make sure you have a clear goal of what you want.  At the end of the day Fashion is a business.

Evan Ducharme

Nicolette Lang-Andersen, Evan Ducharme, Rachelle Lupton

Image: Marshall Heritage

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