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With HAUS OF TOPPER jewelry, no one is going to be a wall flower!

HAUS OF TOPPER is a jewelry label designed for the people who can easily intimidate with their strength, spontaneity and independence.  Every piece of jewelry is a hybrid of sex appeal and sophistication, which is created with a keen eye to detail and proper proportion while still making a statement regardless of how big or small.

Recently, this brand launched its Spring/Summer collection entitled “Summer Solstice”, which consist of three collections with beautifully beaded artisanal body chains, brass cuffs embellished with leopard fur and crystals and hand painted turquoise necklaces.

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye Collection has been a staple in HAUS OF TOPPER since the brand launched in 2013. The Spring/Summer collection is composed of 18k gold plated cascading chain and bone directional earrings, a spiked turquoise and rock crystal statement necklace with lariat detail and a one-of-a-kind 18k gold plated hand harness that makes the perfect statement. All items in this sub-collection include the brands signature evil eye beads.

Haus of Topper Jewelry

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories


The Feather sub collection consists of hand painted, carved bone earrings that come in an array of colors for the perfect day at the beach or park with friends.  Accompanying the earrings is a graceful summer statement necklace that includes beautifully carved, hand painted bone feathers, pyrite and 18k gold plated chain.  There is also a matching bracelet with leopard jasper beads to make it the perfect set or on its own and still make a statement.

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accesories

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories


The Tassel sub collection is based around a three-tier black and white hand beaded statement necklace with symmetrical silk tassels.  Accompanying the necklace is the trademark Rose Necklace, which is a single strand rosary style necklace that comes in a variety of lengths and stones, finished with a silk tassel and beaded with the signature evil eye beads.

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories

Haus of Topper Jewelry Accessories

If you are looking for that perfect piece of Spring/Summer statement jewelry, all collections can be found in national and international boutiques as well as the Haus of Topper website 


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