Dîner en Blanc – Vancouver

White Wonderland

by: Rachelle Lupton

“Who are they?” “What is going on?” “Are they all getting married?”

If you were standing anywhere near David Lam Park in Yaletown, Vancouver on August 21, 2014, these may have been some of the questions you might have heard as onlookers watched 3500 Vancouverites arrive on location for the Dîner en Blanc.  A location that is kept top secret until minutes before the dinner is due to start.   As part of the media for this event, I was strictly told by Steve, one of the event coordinators, “You can take pictures towards the hill, but if you take any of the set-up before 6:10pm, Brad (the security guy) will break your wrists” as he chuckled and walked away, getting lost in the ever-expanding White Sea.

Diner En Blanc

A tradition born 25 years ago by Francois Pasquier in Paris was put to the test by the 2014 Vancouver Dîner en Blanc. Dressed head to toe in white, men and woman arrived at the most chic picnic of the year with elegance and suave. Not the usual scene in a city known for its yoga enthusiasts, mountain bikers and outdoorsy type.   However, Vancouver scrubbed up pretty damn fine – proving that we all have the flare and style to shine!

editedblogs-2 editedblogs-4 Diner En Blanc

editedblogs-11 Diner En Blanc

There was a feeling in the air of being star-struck, and not by celebrities, but by the beauty, elegance and grace of each and every person. As people began to find their seats and settle in, the crowd raised napkins above their heads and began waving them around, signaling the beginning of the opening speeches. As the evening progressed, each hour felt more like a scene out of a movie. Dîner en Blanc definitely pulled all the cards, scarves and rabbits out of their hats with productions from Vancouver city orchestra, an acrobat, local dance schools, and other live bands giving off the perfect Parisian vibe and pizzazz. As the sun set over the city and the hosts voices blared from the microphone “it’s time to party Vancouver”, the crowd erupted into a show of light with people dancing and waving their sparklers.

Diner En Blanc

A fun filled night of beautiful attendees eating, socializing and dancing the night away finally came to an end.   We can’t wait to see what the Dîner en Blanc crew has in store for 2015.


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