NLA Designs is a vibrant brand dedicated to creating gorgeous yet practical clothing with every woman in mind.  Each dress in the Summer ’16 Swoon Collection has been made with heart, in Canada, with a focus on optimum comfort combined with a style that will complement most body shapes.

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NLA Designs


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By: Justine Barnes

Images: Peter Jensen

We managed to catch up with Sara Armstrong after her stunning show at Vancouver Fashion Week and ask her a few questions.

Sara Armstrong Vancouver Fashion Week  

What was the inspirations for your F/W 15 collection?

This season was inspired by my father and his pride that he has past down to use in our family name, but I suppose more visually, it’s inspired by Medieval Scottish winterscapes.

What makes your clothing different?

I’m not sure about “different” but what I think makes it special or unique is that it is locally handcrafted and ethically sourced. Everything is eco conscious. And, they are generally non-seasonal, gender neutral pieces, meant to last.

What is your favourite item?

My favourite pieces are the ones with the alpaca knots. Its from a local farm, Kensington Prairie Farm, and all hand felted, dyed and sewn.

What is your favourite fabric from this collection?

Melton wools – always.

Sara Armstrong Vancouver Fashion Week
Where can we find your clothing?

Mostly by private sales through – I am going to be carried in a store in Saskatchewan, my hometown. And, we are looking for a few more carriers in Vancouver and beyond. 


Are there any fashion designers that you are inspired by?

Gareth Pugh, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto – those are always my inspirations.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living internationally and continuing to create pieces.





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By: Justine Barnes & NLAStylist

Images: Peter Jensen

Black and white seemed to be an ongoing, very enjoyable theme for day 3 of Vancouver Fashion Week.  While the silhouettes changed, black and white stayed the same, looking incredibly chic. Another common theme was pairing these structured, yet over sized looks with an Oxford shoe.

LaSalle College

LaSalle College is a regular and much-anticipated show at Vancouver Fashion Week, with this season being its 11th season.  It is always so refreshing to witness such young creativity, executed with such maturity.

Adam-Lin Bungang

AMAZING. Adam-Lin Bungang’s dresses kept to the black and white theme perfectly while playing with different proportions. They were truly something any women would want in their closet. These dresses were a little sporty and very chic!

Adam-Lin Bungang

Adam-Lin Bungang Vancouver Fashion Week


Yicheng (Eric) Chen

This was Yicheng (Eric) Chen’s second time showing with Vancouver Fashion Week. We really enjoyed his take on the roaring 20’s. He created pieces with low hip lines and used feathers to evoke the 1920’s.

Yicheng (Eric) Chen Vancouver Fashion Week

vancouver fashion week lasalle college

Shunan Zeng

The inspiration behind Shunan Zeng’s collection was found in women, post World War I, representing freedom and hope.  We loved the cohesive colour palette of muted tone and the creative panels on both the front and back of the garments – creating a fresh and modern twist on the classic boyish style.

Shunan (Andy) Zeng Vancouver Fashion Week


Su Yang

Su Yang created dresses that were very chic with dropped waistlines. It was very noticeable that she created these pieces inspired by menswear, with the addition of embellishments, making it extremely tres chic!

Su (Ariel) Yang Vancouver Fashion Week


Sara Armstrong

Headlining the night was Sara Armstrong and we absolutely loved the trouser pants that she created for F/W 15 that donned cross-over origami style panels! Each look was captivating and interesting.  Her pieces were oversized while still being perfectly tailored.

We caught up with Sara and asked her a few quick questions.  Click HERE to see more!

Sara Armstrong Vancouver Fashion Week

Sara Armstrong Vancouver Fashion Week


Sara Armstrong Vancouver Fashion Week xxx


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Alex S Yu Vancouver Designer

Alex S. Yu is pleased to announce that he will be showing his fall/winter 2015 collection titled : The Sweet Sixteen at Vancouver Fashion Week at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza on 17th, March 2015.

Get your VFW tickets HERE.

The fall/winter 2015 collection entitled ‘The Sweet Sixteen’ finds inspiration in the often capricious teenage angst and the cult movie ‘mean girls.’  The overly mature and sexy appeal of pop culture and its pin-ups and media darlings intrigued and inspired Alex to design in a reverse way. This season he designed for a woman who is longing to be young again, to live naively, freely and worry-free and to remember that it’s okay to break some rules, have some fun and eat that extra scoop of double chocolate ice cream!

Alex launched his debut collection at Vancouver fashion week spring summer 2015 as the winner of niche magazine’s emerging designer sponsorship competition. For my interview with him click HERE

Alex S Yu Vancouver Designer Vancouver Fashion Week

The Alex S. Yu fw2015 pop up shop/showroom will be held at @thisopenspace at 434 Columbia street, Chinatown from the 20th to 22nd March between12:00 – 19:00 every day.  A selected series of limited edition products will be available for purchase and pieces from the fw2015 collection will be available for pre-order directly from the designer.  Everyone, wholesale and buyers are all welcome.  Come and chat, have some fun, take a selfie, and eat a cookie!


Vancouver Fashion Blogger


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Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer

A recent coffee date with a friend turned into a delightful and inspiring meet up with Aileen Lee, the talented emerging designer behind her refreshing brand, Vestige.

It is one thing to be extremely creative, but you create a whole other beast when you combine that with intelligence, literature and business skills.   Aileen did not come from a design background.  In fact, she studied English Literature at UBC, at the request of her parents, and then went on to obtain her master’s degree in fashion management.  However, fashion design was something she always loved and upon completing her education, she decided to take a chance and follow her passion.

Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer

“My style is simple and neutral. I wear what is comfortable, and that is my first priority when designing products.”

Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer

“Our customer is someone who welcomes life in its most natural form.”

Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer ss15 Lookbook

What is the story behind your brand?

Vestige is the brainchild of fashion and literature. I have always been fascinated with the interconnections between people, and this is how I link fashion with literature. Both are vessels capable of telling others who we are, creating a bridge between individuals. Clothing is a language of its own.

Each season, Vestige tells a story of two girls, brought together by a message in a bottle. In a day and age where communication is undervalued, we try to promote the importance of connecting with others. In each story, a girl would write a message and send it off in a bottle. The process brings two seemingly different individuals together.

What type of woman are you designing for?

The type of woman who seeks meaning in life, and values her experiences. She is someone who digs deep, someone who appreciates beauty, as well as quality and craftsmanship. Vestige is very organic. We have a small team that does everything ourselves, and we use very little hired help. Our customer is someone who welcomes life in its most natural form.

What has been the most rewarding part of your career in design?

The people who became a part of or supported Vestige. Building up a brand is no easy feat, it is a wholehearted investment with no guarantees at the end of the tunnel. Yet everyone I’ve met along the way has been really supportive, and it made me realise how warm our community is.

What would you consider as the most important trait of being a designer?

Intuition and perception. Know who your audience is, because a strong design does not only cater to yourself. Design is an interactive playing field that shapes and sharpens your work with continual feedback and conversation.

Where can people buy/view your s/s 15 collection?

Our look book is up on our website, where you can read the full collection story. We will be showcasing our Spring/Summer collection at a pop up store in April. More details to come!

Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer ss15 lookbook

Vestige Vancouver Emerging Designer ss15 lookbook

“Clothing is a language of its own.”

Vestige Emerging Designer Vancouver SS15 Lookbook


Vancouver Fashion Stylist

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