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Hamideh Abol

Hamideh Abol, a very down to earth, sincere and extremely humble designer is creating a lot of interest with her unique, very European designs and ready to wear collection called ABOL by Hamideh Abol. 

Originally from Iran and now living in Vancouver, Abol started off by studying and graduating from Engineering, but shifted her interests and her obvious talents towards fashion.  For many years, her fascination of natural fabrics drew her to textile art, which turned into a love for “wearable art” and ultimately designing clothing.  In 2010 she received a certificate in Fine Arts at the Emily Carr University.   

Hamideh’s favorite designers, to name a few are, Erdem, Mark Fast, Bora Aksu, Manish Arora and Mary Katrantzou.  Being fans of such reputable and dynamic designers, it’s no wonder that Abol’s designs are just that.   When asked to sum up the qualities of a good designer, she answered “being original, caring about the environment and caring about the people you work with”.

Speaking of “caring about the environment”, Abol took part in the Vancouver Eco Fashion Week in 2011, which is a big wheel that is gaining huge momentum and following with each season in Vancouver and more designers are making conscious decisions about their designs and what they are made.  Abol also participated in the Montreal Fashion Week and has set her sights on London Fashion week within the next few years.

Abol’s inspiration derives from imagery, travels and everyday life.  It could be something as simple as someone in the street or even a book or painting.   To Abol “fashion is exciting, colourful, unpredictable and new.  It is born from a creative mind and is meant to compliment a man or a woman’s body”.  ABOL designs relate to a woman in her 30’s to 45’s with a definite sense of style, someone who loves art and is looking for unique, sophisticated and high-quality clothing.  The ABOL collection has a wonderful range of ready to wear, which can be mixed and matched effortlessly and also the more elaborate (and jaw dropping) pieces that are for the high profile red carpet events.

Not only are Abol’s designs exquisite and intricate but she also creates her own textiles, both the fabric and the print!   Her favorite textile to work with is raw wool.  “Wool is a natural, high-performance fabric.  It is naturally good for your skin and body.  Wool can breathe, absorbs water vapor from the body and releases it into the atmosphere.  It can dynamically respond to the environment, repels rain and helps regulate temperature.”

After visiting local farms, Abol hand selects the pieces of sheep or Alpaca wool that suits her collection.  She then starts the process of making the textile by combining the wool and printed fabric using a traditional felting method, which includes adding water and soap to the wool, rolling it for an hour or more for each square meter.  “The work is quite labour intensive and sometimes, if I don’t like the result, I have to repeat the whole process.  I often do embroidery on top of my felted textile before using it in my designs.”  The printing process is quite different.  Abol uses her inspirations to create collages, which are purposefully positioned onto her designs in repeating patterns and colours.  Her files are then sent off to the UK for printing on high quality fabric.

Her most recent collection, inspired by a majestic bird called “Simorgh”, originated from Greater Iranian folklore.  It symbolizes rebirth and the connection between the earth and the sky.  The collection also draws inspiration from Islamic art and textures occurring in nature.  “I felt like the print and vibrant colours could best depict my inspiration for this collection”.

Hamideh is dedicated to her passion and spends most of her time pouring her love into designing.  “Being a fashion designer is a very difficult, sometimes very tiring job, with long hours, and it can burn you out.  But when your designs turn out great, it is very rewarding and inspiring.” Abol also loves to spend time with her family and friends, learning new languages, travelling, exploring and lapping up what other creative’s have to offer in the city of Vancouver (while wearing her own collection I might add!). 

Customers will soon be able to purchase from the website, but in the meantime, orders can be emailed to ABOL and great news…custom orders on garments and bridal gowns are more than welcome!

www.hamidehabol.com / www.facebook.com/AbolDesign / Twitter: @HamidehAbol / Email: Studio@hamidehabol.com 

Hamideh Abol

Hamideh Abol

Hamideh Abol

Hamideh Abol


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